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Healing Touch and Reiki are both relaxing, nurturing energy therapies. Their purpose is to clear blocked or restricted energy and restore balance and harmony in the energy system. This supports the body's natural self-healing process. Energy therapy is a holistic practice which supports and facilitates physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. It is used stand alone or to complement other medical treatments. It promotes deep relaxation which enhances healing on all levels.

The practitioner uses gentle touch with light hand placement on, or above and off the body to clear and balance the flow of energy around and throughout the body.

Our human energy system

What is your energy level? Do you feel full of energy or drained of energy? Can you identify the things that enhance or deplete your energy level?

Our life force energy surrounds our body and flows throughout it. It is scientifically referred to as the biofield - the magnetic field of energy that surrounds our body. Scientists have created instruments that can measure our energy biofield activity, such as:

  • Electrocardiogram or EKG to measure the electrical biofield of the heart
  • Electroencephalogram or EEG to measure the electrical activity of the brain
  • Electromyography to measure the biomagnetic signature of our muscle movements

In energy therapies such as Healing Touch and Reiki, the practitioner uses their hands consciously in a gentle, heart centered way to clear and balance the client's energy system to support and facilitate physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health, healing, and wellness.

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What is a typical session like?

A typical session lasts one hour and includes a short interview at the beginning to asses the client's current physical and emotional state. The client remains fully clothed and lies comfortably on a massage table or sits in a chair. Lighting is dim and quiet music is available.

Energy therapy is not massage and can be done with light hand placement on, or above and off the body. Most people experience a deep state of relaxation and an increased sense of peace and calm.

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Where is Energy Therapy used?

Healing Touch and Reiki are practiced internationally in a variety of settings:

  • Hospitals
  • Surgical Centers
  • Private Practices
  • Health Clinics
  • Medical Offices
  • Long term care facilities
  • Hospices
  • Spas

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Benefits of Energy Therapy

Energy therapy is a holistic practice that enhances the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of individuals. Benefits can be felt in any or all of these areas. Research suggests that Energy Therapy provides profound benefits to those who receive it.

Some of the benefits are:


  • Reduces or relieves pain
  • Reduces headaches
  • Speeds up healing of wounds & fractures
  • Reduces the amount of time to recover & heal from surgery & medical procedures
  • Reduces negative side effects from surgery and medical procedures
  • Reduces physical & mental fatigue and negative side effects from cancer & dialysis treatments
  • Eases acute & chronic pain in conditions such as FM, MS & CFS
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Care for neck, back, bone, and joint pain & problems
  • Improves quality of sleep


  • Reduces anxiety, depression, and emotional issues
  • Reduces stress and tension
  • Reduces the emotional effects of trauma and chronic pain
  • Supports the dying process
  • Strengthens one's sense of emotional well-being


  • Improves mental clarity


  • Deepens spiritual connection
  • Improves one's feeling of personal peace

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Healing Touch Research

It is important to know that a great deal of research is being done involving Healing Touch and other healing modalities. Whole journals are devoted to reporting of research so the body of knowledge is continually growing. The following web site offers information on research that has been, and is currently being conducted on Healing Touch.


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