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Testimonial #1

Recently I had rather extensive skin cancer surgery on my face, involving a large excision area and a replacement skin graft from my throat. In preparation for this surgery (actually two surgeries) I asked Sue Walker (HTCP) to help me and provide Healing Touch therapy both before the surgery and then afterward. Specifically, we met for HT therapy once immediately before the scheduled surgery, the evening after the surgery, and then for several times over the following three weeks.

I am familiar with the benefits of Healing Touch, but nevertheless was quite amazed and pleased (and so was the plastic surgeon) at the apparent beneficial effects of this therapy in my case. Skin grafts depend upon quickly establishing a good and stable blood flow and although one area of the excision went into the bone of my nose (and the surgeon felt uncertain that the graft would survive there due to poor blood supply) all the tissue was bright pink and healthy one week later and has remained so!

In addition, all the bruising, swelling, and tenderness associated with such surgeries decreased almost immediately (48 hours) and disappeared in about a week. Although I was prepared to deal with it, I really had very little pain after the surgery and this really did surprise me.

To say that HT was a valuable aid and help for me during this time would be a major understatement. And as a hidden benefit and in addition to the obvious palliative physical effects, I found that HT provided me a depth of peacefulness, calmness, acceptance, and "balance" that were and are invaluable.

Sun-induced skin cancers can rarely ever be totally "cured" ? they seem to recur over time somewhere else once the deep cell damage has occurred. Should this happen to me again and if she is available, I most certainly will be back to see Sue for her gentle and compassionate healing touch.

- J.F., Greeley, CO

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Testimonial #2

I live in Nashville, TN, and when my brother in Ft. Collins had foot surgery I went online to find a Healing Touch practitioner in his area to help him in his recovery. Low and behold, I was led to Sue Walker and I contacted her because she makes home visits. He was unable to drive and I knew he would be open to having someone come into his home for a session.

He has now had three sessions with Sue and is thrilled with the results. He's not exactly the most open person to holistic treatments, but I think he's a believer now! He told me that after the first session, even though his foot was in a caste, he could feel the warmth and energy moving to his foot. His pain has lessened with each treatment giving him the first relief he's had without taking pain medicine.

Healing Touch is the best thing I could have done for my brother, living so far away~Thank you Sue!!

- B.N.

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Testimonial #3

Being a music teacher, I was on my feet all day. I was preparing for a musical and had pulled a muscle in my leg. It was excruciating. I had choreographed the dances for our musical and not only had to stand teaching all day, but at every break throughout the day I had to teach the dances. I was in pain all day and throughout the night. I went to see Sue and told her about my pain. I didn't know much about Healing Touch, but I knew Sue and I knew that if she had embraced something, it wasn't without merit. After one session, my leg began to feel better. The session was so relaxing and I could feel the warm energy from her hands healing the injury in my leg. I remember walking the next day and being surprised that the pain wasn't as bad as it had been. When school resumed, the pain I was dealing with on a daily basis had totally disappeared. Just having this done one time, I know for certain that I will continue using Sue to work on any ailments that arise. As I said, I don't know much about how Healing touch works, I just know that it does.

- L.C., Fort Collins, CO

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Testimonial #4

Sue has provided me remote Healing Touch on a few occasions, and I've been extremely pleased with the reslults. Session objectives ranged from overall energy balance and wellness to treatment of specific health concerns. I experienced improvements in each case. Sue's extensive formal training and high level of personal integrity, combined with my treatment results, enable me to give Sue my strong recommendation!

- S.D., Boise, ID

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Testimonial #5

I have a Pekingese Schnauzer mix named Crash. I totally adore this dog. He was very sick as a puppy and almost died. One morning I noticed a small tumor on his ribs that was getting larger fairly quickly. I was terrified. As the tumor was getting bigger, it was evident that it was quite painful for him. He would snap if I even tried to touch it. Crash had been through so much pain at the Vet when he was younger, I didn't want to see him suffer anymore. While I was in Colorado visiting, I talked to Sue and asked if she could do Healing Touch on him even though we were in different states. She said that she could and took down all of the information on where the lump was etc. The tumor had gotten to be the size of a small marble by the time we had left and I was preparing myself for the worst. But, when I arrived home, the tumor had completely disappeared! I was so amazed! I called Sue right away and told her it had disappeared. She didn't seem as surprised as I was because she knew the healing power in her hands. I was blown away though and forever grateful. Thanks Sue for healing my little Crash! He's so dear to my heart. Now maybe you can help my other two lose weight! :)

- L.C., Chandler, AZ

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Testimonial #6

I have been working with Sue for about 9 months. Prior to our sessions, I had never experienced energy work. I am a Certified Massage Therapist myself and felt very open to exploring additional holistic practices. Sue is an amazing woman with wonderful skills and gifts. She has helped me in many areas of my life from the physical to the emotional and mental. With her lovely work within my energy field, she has helped me in dealing with transition periods and an increase in confidence and comfort with myself. Physically, Sue has increased circulation to my legs and feet and cleared blockages in pathways throughout my body. Healing Touch is a great way to allow the mind, body, and soul to unwind and open up. Sue listens to her intuition and allows energy to flow from her to her client while also being open with what she is picking up. After every session with Sue, I feel energized, empowered, free, and at peace. Because of her work, in combination with guidance from the Lord above, I feel open to the world and ready to tackle anything without fear and doubt. I thank you Sue for all that you have done in my life, and I pray many blessing upon you!

- A.A.

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